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A Youth Vision of Holyoke
Collaborative Mural Project - Spring 2004
Franklin Patterson Hall - Hampshire College
Amherst, MA 01002

A Youth Vision of Holyoke mural was envisioned by the youth from Nuestras Raices, an urban agriculture organization in Holyoke with Latino leadership. The mural reflects the youth's shared interpretation of their community and their dreams of re-visioning their city's future. Holyoke, once a thriving economic center of activity, was severely impacted by post-industrial decline and the lack of resources. The city is slowly rebuilding itself through the collective work of grassroots community-based organizations, activist leadership, and partnerships with the city, local businesses and area colleges.

This project was organized by CPSC's Alumni Partnership Fellow (Eli)sabeth Weaver, with the Lead Students of CPSC, and Assistant Professor of Art, Mariangeles Soto-Diaz. The process to create the mural took place over the duration of 3 months in the Spring of 2004.

Nuestras Raices Youth Mural Group
Karina Morales, Karen Sanchez, Anabel Nieves, Angel Ortiz, Milagros Guzman, Stephanie Maitin, Wandy Rivera, Joel Nieves, Bianka Rivera, and independent artist, Karlos Torruella

CPSC Lead Students

Gustavo Rodriguez, Marlem Landa, and Karina Fernandez